Italian Play

Since 2013, we have been organising plays under the supervision of Italian actor and director Ludovico Nolfi. He kindly granted us an interview to talk about his passion for theatre, professional experience, and future projects.

Over the last years, we presented the following selection of plays (author and première in parentheses):

2014 – Il Beretto a Sonagli (Luigi Pirandello, 1917)

2015 – Questi Fantasmi (Eduardo de Filippo, 1946)

2016 – L’Uomo, la Bestia e la Virtù (Luigi Pirandello, 1919)

2017 – Non ti Pago! (Eduardo de Filippo, 1940)

2018 – Morte Accidentale di un Anarchico (Dario Fo, 1970)

Stay tuned for the recruitment of this year’s cast of actors! Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is required.