CUItSoc is a dynamic society, and as such we have organised a wide variety of one-off events in addition to our usual socials. Over the last few years some of the highlights have included:

  •  A workshop on Italian gesticulation, “La voce del corpo”, run by Luca Vullo, an up-and-coming Italian filmmaker;
  • A debate on the cultural legacy of the phenomenon of Berlusconismo;
  • Various book presentations, including The Economist’s former editor Bill Emmott’s “Girlfriend in a coma” and Italy correspondent for the Economist/Southern Europe editor for the Guardian John Hooper’s “The Italians”;
  • A forum on Italian migration;
  • Various collaborations with other societies, including a carnival party with the French society, a pub night with the Romanian society and regular attendance at the international food festival;
  • A piano recital.



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