Italian Society Theatre Project – L’uomo, la bestia e la virtù

***TICKETS RELEASED*** Everyone wears a mask. Not a literal one, maybe, but a mask nonetheless: everyone plays a role in the comedy of life. Professor Paolino, the Man, hides an illicit love affair under his respectable demeanour. Mrs Perella, his lover, wears the mask of Virtue but is not really virtuous at all; while her […]

ItSoc Theatre Project Auditions Day 1-2

Our theatre project is starting again! For the third consecutive year the Italian Society, in collaboration with Roman actor and director Ludovico Nolfi, will be staging a play at the end of Lent term, and we are looking for a cast and crew: actors, musicians, sound and lighting technicians, costume and make up artists, on […]

Questi Fantasmi!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate the end of term? Like Italy, Italians, coffee, ghosts, all of the above? Come and enjoy ‘Questi Fantasmi!’, a delightful play put on by the Italian society tomorrow – Thursday 12th – 7pm in the Palmerston Room at St Johns. It won’t disappoint! And rumour has it Guido […]