Opera night – “La Traviata” talk and screening

  ‘A toast to the pleasures of life!’ – so sing Violetta, her new admirer Alfredo and her party guests in the opening scene of Giuseppe Verdi’s La traviata. But beneath the surface glamour of Violetta’s Parisian life run darker undercurrents: her doomed love for Alfredo and the tensions the lovers encounter when they break […]

Italian Masterpieces of the Fitzwilliam Museum

 Come along to discover a corner of Italy-  in Cambridge!  History of Art PhD student Stephanie  Azzarello will give us a tour of the best  Italian paintings of the Fitzilliam  Museum. The Museum displays many  excellent pieces of art from Renaissance  artists, and particularly those from the  superlative Venetian School, such as  Titian and Veronese. When?: […]

Italia Lunare – an evening with Dr Fabio Camilletti

Apparently, writers Fruttero and Lucentini were used to say that a flying saucer could not land in Lucca. Same applies to ghosts and vampires, and to haunted castles and uncanny portraits – that is to say, to the whole repertoire of the Gothic, a genre born in Britain and later exported to France and Germany, […]

John Hooper presents “The Italians”

  If you thought you knew everything one can know about Italy and the Italians, well: YOU WERE WRONG! Even well informed Italians can still learn a lot from just published “The Italians” by John HOOPER, Economist and Guardian/Observer correspondent from Rome. Cambridge University Italian Society is proud to host John Hooper for the presentation […]

Interactive Workshop on the art of “Gesticulation” by Film Director Luca Vullo

Monday 24 February 2014, 06:30pm – 08:30pm  An invigorating and interactive workshop through the art of gesticulation, led by film director, Luca Vullo: a unique opportunity to learn how to gesticulate and ‘speak’ Italian through the particular code of body language. The director will also introduce his docu-film, La voce del corpo (www.lavocedelcorpo.com) and offer a behind-the-scenes discussion […]

Why Berlusconi?

Why do Italians vote for Berlusconi? How is it possible for his government to last for so long? As Italians abroad, each of us has been asked one of these questions at least once in the past 20 years. Two Italian historians and commentators Giovanni Orsina and Andrea Mammone, will seek to answer these and […]